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Many firms tout values, but the Team at WCM lives its core values each and every day. Over the next few months we’ll highlight each of our values and share more of how we work together making a positive impact for our clients, our community and ourselves.


• Work hard together
• Be responsive with respect
• Improve yourself every day
• Think innovatively
• Treat people like family
• Do the right thing

It is February and that means our busy season is in full swing and we are definitely working hard together. In fact, we are also working hard with our clients, their bankers, and the IRS. Last year alone WCM filed over one thousand tax returns for our clients. This year we are on track for even more, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients in this way.

There are a few ways that we try to work hard with our clients.

Be prepared – Many of our clients find it beneficial to receive a formal organizer or a list of what documents to gather for tax work. We mentioned last month the value of creating a “folder” so as you accumulate documents you’ll have them all in one place. For more details check out last month’s blog here.

Secure Portal – We also encourage our clients access our secure portal to upload their tax information. This will save a trip to our office and ensure that your documents are kept in a secure location. When the tax return is complete the client can use this portal to access the 8879 – IRS e-file Signature Authorization form and download the final copies. Remember, signed 8879 forms are due prior to filing your tax return.

Office Visits – One of the most important aspects of using a professional accounting firm to prepare your taxes is your access to a certified public accountant that can provide expert advice on financial matters. We want to spend time listening to you and understanding your needs. Please contact our office at 210-684-1071 to schedule an appointment.

Here are a few ways that we work with your bankers, attorneys, and the IRS.

Banks – We have a strong relationship with many local bankers in the San Antonio area. We work with the bank and the client to understand financing needs and financial reporting requirements to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their banking relationship.

Attorneys – Some of our clients business involves attorneys. We are experienced in working hard together to support the client in handling business formations, restructuring, business purchases and sales, and expert witness support.

IRS – Most of our clients are never excited to deal with the IRS. We understand that and can handle IRS audits for our clients at our office allowing you to stay focused on your business and your life.

We are happy to work hard together with our clients and their supporting professionals. Please contact us at 210-684-1071 or email us at info@wsmtexas.com for more information about how we can work with you!