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Williams, Steinert, Mask serves small businesses and families with their bookkeeping, wealth management, consulting, audit, tax compliance, and tax prep needs. When you hire our team, you’re not just getting a transactional service, you’re getting a team of professionals invested in your success.

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MarketWatch July 2024

The markets finished the first half of the year in unprecedented territory. The S&P 500 is positive 15.29% year-to-date, the Nasdaq is positive 18.57% year-to-date and the Dow is positive 4.79%. The bond index is down 0.71%. People used to say if the U.S. sneezes,...

MarketWatch May 2024

While April brought much-needed showers to Texas, the markets, which had been on fire for much of the previous 8 months, also had a little water tossed on them. The S&P 500 finished April down 3.27%, the NASDAQ was down 3.59% and the Dow finished down 3.46%....

MarketWatch March 2024

While February had a few pause days, overall, the markets were very good. The Nasdaq Composite led the march higher in February, gaining 6.1% and finishing the month at its first record close since November 2021. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P...