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At Williams, Steinert, Mask, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best experience using the best practices available in an evolving age of technology. The IRS stopped 19 million suspicious tax returns last year, and stopped more than $63 billion in fraudulent refunds. In 2012, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration projected that fraudsters would net $26 billion into 2017. In fiscal year 2014, the IRS initiated 1,063 identity theft-related investigations, and tax or wage-related fraud was the No. 1 consumer complaint in how an identity theft victim’s information was misused. Cyber security is an increasingly inherent aspect of doing business in the 21st century. To keep our clients’ data secure while increasing access to their data and the stream-line transfer of data between both parties, WCM is now providing a new “Client Portal” feature available on our website – wsmtexas.com.

Client Portals are not new in the financial industry, but have recently increased in popularity due to Federal and State laws mandating for more secure handling and storage of client data. NetClient CS is a client portal service provided by Thomson Reuters, which is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

The “Client Portal” feature is the newest addition to the professional services we provide. NetClient CS provides our clients the safest and most reliable access to their financial documents available at their discretion. Portal access is beneficial to our clients by providing modern conveniences which save time, money, and energy. Access your documents from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime 24/7 using your mobile device, NetClient CS Mobile App as well as your computer via our website/ portal in your own privacy. Clients can now upload documents needed to prepare tax returns or retrieve previous records without waiting for physical mail or worrying about security of email.

For more information about signing up or logging on, feel free to give us a call!