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We want to focus on our core value of Treating People Like Family. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing their favorite song? It doesn’t matter if it’s country & western, top 40, rock & roll, or hip hop, we have some rhythm that speaks to our souls. Something about a song brings us back to a memory or a feeling that stays with us forever.

As crazy as this seems, we want to play a song with you! We want to be the CPA firm that establishes a rhythm that goes with you like a favorite song on a long afternoon drive.

This does not mean that we are taking voice lessons or are setting up a guitar amplifier in our conference room. It means that we want to become more than a box you check on your year end to-do list. We understand, most people dislike accounting. So, the least we could do is make tax compliance, accounting, and auditing more enjoyable by making it a song.

The Song

Each year you and your business add another line to the song. These lines tell the details of the story. We want to know when you are planning to expand you story. Adding a business partner or growing your family is a big deal to us, and we can help you account for it along the way. We also want to hear when you’ve had the biggest year ever. You may need a plan to help with that too.

Some stories don’t turn out well, and we would love to help you turn that tear jerker back into sunshine and rainbows before its too late. So often, an outside perspective can add wisdom to a situation that will prevent a disaster. At least you will have someone to share your heartache.

Get in Tune

Have you ever played an instrument that was out of tune? No matter how you press the strings or keys or blow into the mouthpiece, the sound just isn’t right. This happens to businesses too. Owners work very hard and do all the right things, but for some reason the sound isn’t right. This could be an issue of being out of tune. Sometimes your product or service doesn’t align with your customers needs. Other times your team is operating inefficiently. There are even times when your internal accounting systems are not properly designed or managed. We can help you bring together the resources you need to tune your business to play its best song.

The Rhythm

In every song there is a rhythm. It may be a waltz or a swing. Maybe it’s faced-paced speed metal banging away on the drums. The rhythm is what keeps all the notes together to make music. We believe we can help you make better music when we play together. So often we find business owners out of step with the rhythm and eventually giving up on the song.

Let us meet with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to understand your story, get in tune, establish a rhythm, so we can sing a song together! Our team is available to discuss these and other tools that we can provide to you as a business owner.

To learn more and please contact us at 210-684-1071 or email us at info@wsmtexas.com!