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This winter brought severe cold weather to the midwestern and northeastern US with record-breaking temperatures and even tragically, lost lives.

Thankfully our temperatures did not fall that low and we didn’t experience the gridlock of a frozen city. We did, however, experience the effects of a record-breaking Government shutdown that cut off access to many federal services, most notably, the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s in times like these its good to consider how well your business or personal finances are protected from the storms of life. Sometimes it’s a market collapse. Other times it’s a new technology. Our personal finances can be hit with an unexpected death, divorce, or job loss. These storms can leave us frozen.

How do we break the ice in these circumstances and get things moving again?

We believe that developing a plan for your business and personal life is an excellent first step. Then we suggest sharing that plan with a trusted professional who can give you insight and the tools you need to be successful. This gives you a lifeline to help when the storms come.

If you are thinking about what would happen if a storm came into your life, that’s good. Here are a few actions you can take to prepare yourself:

  • Schedule a meeting with your CPA to discuss your business and personal financial plans.
  • Develop a set of goals and objectives for your business and personal life. Make these as tangible as possible. It’s difficult to achieve something you can’t imagine.
  • Have a “What if” conversation with your family and CPA, Financial Advisor, or other professional to consider what could go wrong and develop a plan to overcome these scenarios.

These actions may not prevent the storms in life that are bound to come, but they can make you better prepared. At WCM we are committed to helping you improve yourself every day.

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