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Williams, Steinert, Mask + Our Community

Community is more than who you’re near physically, it’s about a shared connection between people. 

Williams, Steinert, Mask is dedicated to giving back to our San Antonio community. With every organization we’re involved in, we’ve received new perspectives and the chance to truly change the lives of those in need. Some of our charitable involvement is expanded on below.


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WSM is honored to donate our efforts to Boysville’s noble cause of helping children in need. 

“Boysville Children’s Home and Shelter, the Home with a Heart, was founded in 1943 as a result of Rev. Don Holiman’s observation of orphaned, homeless and abandoned boys sleeping in San Antonio’s Travis Park. Today, we provide a continuum of trauma-informed services and care for children and caregivers affected by abuse, neglect, and family crisis. Through holistic wrap-around services, we provide each child the opportunity to heal from past trauma while focusing on their future.” 

Baptist Health System NICU Cuddler Program

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The San Antonio Baptist Health System has a special team of volunteers who cuddle babies in the NICU as part of the treatment team. The volunteers help in the infant’s healing process, and we’re honored to be a small part in the recovery of an infant.

Rotary Club of San Antonio

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We at the Rotary Club of San Antonio strengthen our community by joining together as leaders to exchange ideas, form enduring relationships and create positive, lasting change locally and around the world through service to others.

Snack Pak 4 Kids

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WSM assists in getting food to children who don’t have readily available sustenance on the weekends. By working with local schools, Snack Pak allows the process to be discreet and reliable.

“Hunger impacts a child’s ability to learn. SP4KSA provides weekend food supplements to serve the needs of chronically hungry children, addressing the relationship between food insecurity and learning.”

SAPD Blue Santa Program

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 In 1976, the Blue Santa Program was created to help bring holiday happiness to families and children throughout San Antonio. Blue Santa is all about bringing hope and joy to families that struggle to make ends meet during the toughest times of the year: the holidays.

MarketWatch February 2024

For the first month of the year, the markets seemed very resilient until the final trading day, when the indices gave up .8% on the Dow, 1.6% on the S&P 500 and 2.23% on the NASDAQ. The 10-year Treasury dipped just below 4% on the final trading day. More about...

Marketwatch January 2024

The month of December was good for the markets with the three major indices all riding an 8-week winning streak to end the year. The NASDAQ finished the year positive 44.6% while the S&P 500 was up 24.6% for the year and the...

Marketwatch December 2023

For the month of November, the NASDAQ finished up 10.7% for the month. The S&P 500 was up 8.7% for the month while the Dow was up 8.8% for the month. The market reacted strongly to the Fed’s comments earlier in the month stating that they were on hold for now. I...

Marketwatch November 2023

For the month of October, the NASDAQ finished down 2.8% for the month. The S&P 500 was down 2.2% for the month while the Dow was down 1.36% for the month. Of course, the big news this month is the escalation of combat between Israel and Hamas. While this creates a...

Marketwatch October 2023

After a rough August the markets continued their downward trend with the S&P 500 losing 4.87% after the loss of 3% in August. The S&P finished the 3rd quarter down 3.65% but remains positive 11.68% year-to-date. The Dow Jones Industrial Average similarly...

Marketwatch September 2023

August was not kind in the markets. The S&P 500 is down more than 3% this month, the Nasdaq Composite fell just over 5% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 3%. Throughout the bull market dating back to 2009, Brian Wesbury the Chief Economist for First...

Marketwatch August 2023

For the month of July and year-to-date, the NASDAQ finished 3.83% for the month and sits +37.06% year-to-date. The S&P 500 was positive 3.21% for the month and 20.65% year-to-date while the Dow gained 3.13% for the month and is positive 6.79% year-to-date. Just a...

Marketwatch July 2023

For the month of June and year-to-date, the NASDAQ finished positive 5.24% for the month and sits +32.74% year-to-date. The S&P 500 was positive 5.43% for the month and 16.38% year-to-date while the Dow gained 4.07% for the month and is positive 3.84%...

Marketwatch June 2023

In the words of William Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing. With all the discussion of debt ceiling, U.S. default, and economic doom the markets were noisy but didn’t do much in May. For May, the NASDAQ finished positive 7.88% and sits positive year-to-date 30.89%....

Marketwatch May 2023

For April, the NASDAQ finished positive 0.37% and sits positive year-to-date 16.92%. The S&P 500 was positive 1.39% is positive year-to-date 8.91% while the Dow gained 1.84% and is up 3.24% year-to-date. The Federal Reserve reported in April that the M2 measure of...

Treat People Like Family

As a family-owned business, the team at Williams, Steinert, Mask is not only committed to treating each other like family but every single person that interacts with our company. From clients to organizations we volunteer with, showing respect and kindness is our number one goal every day.

Think Innovatively

When you hire Williams, Steinert, Mask you don't just hire one person, you hire an entire team that will work with you to get the best results for you. Thinking outside of the box to find what will work best is one of the things that makes WSM unique and we're proud of that quality. 

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing for our clients, for our employees and for our community is at the heart of what drives our company and is a chief motivator among our staff. As a team, we area always striving to be honest, trustworthy and dependable for everyone we come into contact with.

Work Hard Together

Williams, Steinert, Mask is a team of skilled individuals and we believe that our talents are best utilized when they are combined. You can expect a team of our employees to work with you to help find the best outcome.

Be Responsive with Respect

Putting our clients first is a top priority for the Williams, Steinert, Mask team, but treating everyone with respect and being in regular communication is our bread and butter. Making sure we are available to our clients is crucial to living out our other core values.

Improve Yourself Everyday

The company culture at Williams, Steinert, Mask is designed to foster growth and encourage professional and personal development because we truly believe that we best serve our clients when we are, ourselves growing and improving as individuals and as a team.